photographer Laurent Pamato

photographer Laurent Pamato

The priory kitchen is the heart and hearth of the estate. The vegetable garden, the orchards and the vineyard set the heartbeat to the rhythm of the season, as they have throughout the 11 centuries of rural life here. Our family’s collective love of food and sustainable local ingredients is the essence of all the fare at La Verrière.


You are free to enjoy direct contact with the chefs to participate in a cooking class: La Verrière’s private chefs have welcomed our residential guests to join them for authentic or reinvented Provençal gastronomic cooking classes in intimate groups of between 4 and 6 people. Classes are held in the professional Bonnet kitchen and are a practical ‘hands-on’ experience, limited to a maximum of 6 participants (at one time) working around a large stone table. The authenticity of time spent in this special place with our passionate chefs will lead you to unique discoveries through smells, tastes, colours, lively and friendly exchanges of recipe tips and secrets. The classes allow all of those who share the same passion to create unforgettable moments. Aprons, kitchen utensils and recipes are supplied, and the classes can be combined with the preparation of either lunch or dinner accompanied by award winning Chêne Bleu wines. There is also plenty of opportunity for food and wine pairings, thanks to the presence of experts in both fields.
The chefs seek out this sustainable working environment, and have established lasting relationships with local producers. They enjoy the chance to work with the inspirational Bonnet equipment - considered the Rolls Royce of professional kitchens - hence La Verrière’s pedigree for attracting Michelin-trained cooking talent from a wide international background.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast is a buffet by the pool during more clement weather. Alternatively, it is served in the Medieval part of the property.


During high season, the house is used for full weekly rentals and the chef is available for guests all day to cook according to their every whim. Discuss your preferred menus with the Chef and choose to enjoy your meal in your site of choice, as with dinner.


If you’re staying during the months of April, May, June, October or November, you may prefer the bed and breakfast format. Stay for a few nights to enjoy the scenery and spoils of La Verrière, and spend your days exploring the neighbouring hills and valleys of southern France. Simply ask in advance and a picnic or packed lunch can be especially prepared for your adventures.

At lunch, if you stay to enjoy the pool or on-site activities, you can eat on the Winery Wing terrace, where can choose between ChenoBoxes - Provençal specialities served in Japanese Bento boxes - or book (with 48 hours' notice) dishes from the more elaborate award winning farm-to-fork menu featuring the freshest seasonal delicacies from our organic & biodynamic vegetable garden (per below), local markets and favoured producers. In the evening, the private chef prepares thoughtful Table d’Hôtes menus also using fresh vegetables, herbs, olive oil, honey, and other produce from our gardens, as well as lamb from our young shepherd who winters his flock on the property, and trout from our basin.                                                            

Click here for sample dinner menus

photograpaher Julie de Bellaing

photograpaher Julie de Bellaing

Our suppliers  


  • A Cornucopia of fresh flower, organic fruit and vegetables. In season from our garden: Fruit - cherries, apples, pears, apricots, plums, pomegranates, almonds, nuts, raspberries, redcurrant, Vegetables - fresh peas, green beans, artichokes, haricot beans, carrots, lettuce, parsnips, pumpkin, butternut, tomatoes, bell peppers, aubergines, potatoes, onions, melon, courgette, spinach, radishes, sweetcorn, leeks, broccoli, rocket, beetroot, cucumber. Herbs - fennel, basil, oregano, parsley, coriander, rosemary, thyme, sorrel, lemon, chives, dill, rare varieties of tomatoes, strawberries, salad, squash, eggplant, courgettes, leeks, strawberries, cassis, red currants, honey, olive oil.

  • From our orchard: vine peaches, apricots, reinette, plums, quince.

  • Olive oil, olives and tapenade from our 70 organic olive trees.

  • Lamb from our Shepherd and Shepharedess Vincent & Maud Anselme, and their dog Marsanne!

  • Trout from our basin in the Medieval potager

  • Honey from Xavier’s honeybees, species: Italian, Carniolian & Buckfast

  • Cheese from Joseanne Deal’s Lou Canestou, winner of the prestigious Meilleure Ouvrier de France competition for cheese

photographer Laurent Pamato

photographer Laurent Pamato

Dine alfresco

One of the best ways to appreciate the wonderful weather in Provence is to dine alfresco. Eating outdoors enables you to add the final ingredient to your meal: the panoramic views and nature’s soundtrack, as crickets and frogs work hard to vie for attention.
There is a choice of casual or elegant settings to accommodate lunches and dinners; feel free to try them all during your stay: 

  • The outdoor bar and sheltered kitchen, surrounded by climbing white roses beside the pool, lend themselves to informal breakfasts, or lunches or barbecues in a wet bathing suit.

  • For classic lunches, meetings, or refreshing drinks and snacks, the outdoor kitchen also has a bar counter conveniently located beside the pool.

  • The Winery rooftop garden also provides ample views during meal times.

  • Slightly more formal, but equally enjoyable, is the lightly shaded rose patio; a lovely sitting area for breakfast and summer dinners, in full rosy bloom in May and June.

  • At dinner time, take a seat on the Medieval patio, which opens onto a fragrant herb garden, providing a congenial setting for sharing Provençal fare. As the sun sets, move indoors to the Grand Vaulted Room, subtly illuminated with candles and hidden fibre optic lighting.

  • The pond-side barbecue area and trout basin next to the potager is where to enjoy a meaty alfresco cookout.

  • In the mid-afternoon heat, the cool shade of the linden tree is welcome respite. It’s possible to set this area up for lunch. The majestic tree was sculpted by tree artist and poet, Marc Nucera, whose works are peppered throughout the property.

  • Woodhenge, the forest area at the rear, has a circle of benches carved by Marc and this is a magical setting for an afternoon picnic or a dinner under a starry night sky.

  • The petanque court can also accommodate a special party for dinner or romantic occasions.

  • Private dinners can also be catered for down by the pond in the Medieval garden where you will be serenaded by frogs and classical music on demand.

  • The Wine Tasting room can also be privatised for meals.

La Verriere kitchen

The chef and the kitchen

La Verrière’s spacious kitchen is fitted with professional equipment on a par with the best French restaurants. It can be used for intimate gatherings, informal breakfasts, or cooking classes and demonstrations.

Features include a 7m custom built Bonnet Maestro cooking surface with top equipment, a professional custom Italian coffee machine, a sous-vide cooker, plus oversized refrigerators and freezers.

Each season we are joined by a Chef of international repute, classically trained in French cuisine, bringing an expertise in Provençal themed cooking.  Supported by the Sous-Chef, the calm and unflappable team produce a constant flow of mouth-watering dishes for both Le Prieuré and the Winery. The cuisine expresses an authentic Provençal accent, with a focus on lamb raised on the property, fresh local produce and world renowned local cheeses.

If you are hosting an event or wedding at La Verrière you are welcome to bring in your own chefs for the occasion.

Top restaurants in the area

It is true: savouring the region’s renowned cuisine without ever leaving La Verrière can be an alluring proposition. However, if you choose to eat out there are a number of top restaurants, eateries, bistros and cafes within half an hour’s drive, all highly recommended by your hosts, There are also others further afield in Carpentras, Gigondas, Montbrun and Avignon. Listing is in alphabetical order, not by priority!

  • Coteaux & Fourchettes - a wine shop and restaurant which opened in 2010, about 30 minutes away.

  • Gajulea, an excellent, gastronomic restaurant with amazing views in Le Barroux, 20 minutes away.

  • L'Arbre à Vins - a wine bar and shop on the main square in Vaison-la-Romaine. Cheese and charcuterie platters all day during the week; week-ends feature a delicious main course/dessert or tapas/dessert. This is the place to see, and be seen amongst, the Vaisonnais!

  • L’Epicurean - in our village of Crestet - friendly atmosphere, with classic French bistro food and great local wines.

  • La Belle Étoile - a friendly restaurant in the small town of Roaix with tasty cuisine and great wines. This is a favorite by the locals!

  • La Fleur Bleue - in Crestet - run by a young Dutch couple, this rustic old barn has a table d’hôte menu, and the food never ceases to surprise even though it is a fixed menu every night.

  • La Loupiote pizzeria - base of the ascent to La Verrière, this is a great place for casual fare. Open seven days a week, it’s always popular. Aside from the pizza, one of their best kept secrets is a hot lava stone (pierrade) where the food is cooked at your table, an ancient Roman speciality.

  • Le 6 à Table - converted from an old pastry shop in 2015, with bistro fare, table d’hôte menu, and a beautiful terrace, 25 minutes away.

  • Le Bistro du'O - in Vaison-la-Romaine – très chic reinvented bistro food served in a modern style, under a medieval vaulted stone roof.

  • Le Bonheur suit son Cours - a tiny bistro and wine bar in the centre of Vaison-la-Romaine with some very good local wines.

  • Le Moulin à Huile, another good restaurant in Vaison-la-Romaine, with seasonal fare. Closed on Wednesdays.

  • Le Pont de l'Orme, good restaurant in a lovely country setting just prior to arriving in Malaucene, 10 minutes away.

Bon appetit!