Things to do Outdoors at La Verrière

In addition to indoor activities such as gym, jacuzzi, spa treatments, massage, tutored wine tastings, cooking classes and dancing along with the Wii console, you are rich with choices of things to do outside.

Here at the domaine, you’re surrounded by Nature; 135 hectares (350 acres) of rolling rural hills, forest and farmland set the stage for lounging, activities and leisure sports. The rich history and natural tapestry present an opportunity to reconnect with
enduring, authentic and profound reasons for being.
Explore the property on foot, then rest at the Woodhenge circle of benches, the outdoor living room and storytelling tree, the Medieval herb garden, and the majestic vegetal architectural features created by tree sculptor, Marc Nucera.
We can arrange an endless array of activities - such as scavenger hunts - to complement your holiday program, especially if children, or indeed partners, want to be entertained whilst you have some quiet time alone.

La Verriere play area
La Verriere  petanque


Enjoy pétanque, the traditional French bowling game - also known as boules - on the well-lit court at the foot of the centenary linden tree. Improvise a game for fun, or play competitive pétanque for high stakes. Winners celebrate their victory with a customary glass of pastis. Losers must kiss the infamous “Fanny”, after which they douse their sorrows in... pastis. Instruction by a local Papi can be arranged for this entertaining game of skill.


The tennis court at La Verrière, served up on a natural-coloured, all-weather surface, has commanding views of the valley of Vaison and is floodlit for evening games. Private tennis coaching lessons for all levels can be also arranged ahead of your arrival.

photographer Laurent Pamato

photographer Laurent Pamato

swimming and jacuzzi

Don your bathers and relax on the spacious poolside terrace to sunbathe. Cool off by taking frequent dips in the large, gently heated infinity swimming pool cascading above the vineyards. It has a deep end with hydro-jet for active swimmers, and a shallow, shaded corner for waders and children. Poolside equipment includes water rafts, comfortable padded lounge chairs and big umbrellas. A secluded grassy terrace hosts a shaded gazebo for reading or snoozing. There is also an outdoor jacuzzi that can fit eight. For the more energetic swimmer, water aerobics and aquasize classes can be organised by prior arrangement.

Photograph by Julie du Bellaing

Photograph by Julie du Bellaing

beekeeping, fishing and wine making

As guardians of the compelling and diverse history of La Verrière, and custodians of its ancient natural land, we feel compelled to perpetuate many of the activities of the ancestors of the property.  Book time with our team to learn about beekeeping, olive farming and other sustainable farming practices on the property.  
Fishing can be enjoyed in the spring-fed pond or in the rainbow trout basin down by the Medieval Spring.
We encourage you to use your stay to learn as much as possible about wine, viticulture and wine-making, joining us behind the scenes for hands-on education in the vineyard and the winery. 

image courtesy of Ride and More

image courtesy of Ride and More

walking, hiking and cycling

La Verrière is a very special geographical location and you can see a rare manifestation of the subduction of tectonic plates exposed in front of the house. Guests are therefore encouraged to hike or jog the many miles of private trails on the property to take in these dramatic views. A hike up the St Amand is slightly challenging yet suitable for most ages and levels of fitness. The view of the valley at the top is particularly satisfying. Up there, archaeologists have discovered remnants of a former Celtic outpost, conquered by the Romans, using our site as an oppidum, then covered over by tons of sea salt.  
For the serious hikers and rock climbers, the jagged peaks of the nearby Dentelles de Montmirail attract climbers from all over the world. Guides can be organized in advance to take you on excursions to more challenging climbs with all equipment provided.
Daring cyclists can be issued with a set of wheels to take the ultimate challenge of cycling up nearby Mont Ventoux, one of the most celebrated mountain climbs in the Tour de France cycling race.
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