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There are occasions in life - such as birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, or corporate retreats - that require a larger group of bodies and minds to coalesce. Take time out of your busy lives and celebrate being together. The spacious locale of La Verrière is well equipped to serve the wishes and whimsies of the many, and renting the whole house exclusively gives you and your guests private use to all its assets. Everyone can partake in collective fun, sun and food-related activities, while still allowing scope for you to spend time alone.

Selected communal areas may be booked for the day when weddings or other celebratory events are hosted at La Verrière.

The chefs are also very responsive to different food requirements.

La Verriere wedding

Gathering Families and Friends

One of La Verrière’s great virtues is its ability to adapt to the needs of the people who visit. It has tended to many broken hearts and nursed people back to health. It has brought families back together and allowed children to experience natural charms and delights, whist the grown-ups return to a more innocent, pure, and authentic way of life. The team at La Verrière has chosen to live and work here for that very reason. There are plenty of things to do on and off the property to keep young and old entertained throughout your stay.

Larger gatherings may require various sleeping configurations based on age, physical restrictions and relationship dynamics. When renting the entire house, there are rooms on the ground floor with easy access. For couples with young children, rooms are available with adjacent suites separated by a door. For families including young adults and teenagers, neighbouring rooms can be utilised so that parents are never too far away. Beds can be separated or combined, depending on the specifications of each family. Small children who wake early in the morning can be safely kept busy while parents sleep in, unimpeded.

La Verriere jacuzzi

Hosting Corporate Retreats

La Verrière is also fertile land on which to nurture discussion, creativity and collaboration in the corporate sense. It is an opportunity for colleagues, clients, networks and associations to remove the shackles of their daily reality; to allow the invisible energies of this vineyard and luxury eco-retreat in Provence to permeate into the fruitful (yet often suppressed) areas of the mind. Find out more about previous corporate events held here and the facilities that exist to help your ideas flourish.

photographer Laurent Pamato

photographer Laurent Pamato

Unlock Extra Bedrooms

The full house rental includes seven guest bedrooms or suites and all reception rooms in the main building. It is to be rented in its entirety, unless guests are attending one of the Open House events.

When booking the whole house, the five Bed and Breakfast rooms  are at your disposal. However, guests can additionally find a home in one of the two extra bedrooms which are uniquely reserved for full house bookings. These are as follows:

The Sunflower Suite / Tournesols

The “Sunflower Suite,” on the ground floor has its own private terrace and a substantial living room with fireplace. The bedroom - in gold, red and blue - has a four-poster bed, local artwork and a compact shower room. Two further guests can be accommodated on a sleeper sofa.

Though Van Gogh sealed the fate of sunflowers as incontrovertible symbols of Provence, their mystique dates back to Greek mythology: Apollo, God of the Sun, transformed his mistress, Clydia, into a Helianthus so she would forever turn toward the sun. Worshiped by the Aztecs, the sunflower is also a cousin of the Jerusalem artichoke and every part of the plant has an economic or medicinal use.

Waterfront Suite

This duplex poolside suite has a nautical and fly fishing motif based on one of the favoured sport of your hosts. It has a spacious living room, a bright bathroom with shower and a loft bedroom. It serves as an additional, freestanding annex for guests when needed.

Extra Guests

If the size of your full house party exceeds to the number of rooms available, arrangements can be made on your behalf with other properties nearby. There are also some rooms in The Bastide and The Priory that can be prepared by special arrangement during full house rental stays.



Medieval Priory
4 Luxury Suites
3 Luxury Rooms
Max 17 guests

Low Season (31st March - 19th May & 13th October - 27th October)
From € 25,760 per week

Mid Season (19th May - 30th June & 25th August - 13th October)
From € 27,720 per week

High Season (30th June - 26th August)
From € 29,260 per week

* all rates inc VAT & TVA

“A beautiful location & stunning property…..like eating in a Michelin Star restaurant for every meal, with fantastic service. The staff were all excellent, really friendly, efficient and helpful.”
— Jude Ranasinghe
“La Verrière. My guests loved it. Really intimate, welcoming and homely. Also very luxurious and professional. Staff were great, the wine tasting was a real highlight. The owner Xavier and his wife Nicole were extremely charming and gave the guests so much time”
— Gwen Lefeuvre
“Whether you are interested in wine or just like the idea of taking a break from touring the Provence, this wine estate will amaze and enchant you all the way. The setting of La Verrière is simply spectacular. You are surrounded by vineyards, forests and a mountain ridge. With only 7 delightful rooms, decorated in lovely Provençal style, you are virtually guaranteed an intimate experience. The estate is maintained with impeccable care and shows the owners’ passion for the environment and respect for the origin of the estate. Don’t miss the wine tour!”
— Christian Varas
“La Verrière had an amazing atmosphere of calm...the cuisine was ‘off-the-scale’”
— Harriet Kimbell
“This has been a holiday of a life time ! Everything and everyone amazing. Thank you”
— June, Cananda